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Cybersecurity for Kids


Cyberspace is the Internet. We use the Internet in many ways - to talk to our friends and family, play video games, download music, watch TV shows, and much more. Our families use the Internet to conduct work and business. Companies manage transportation, electricity, banking, and other important everyday activities online. Can you imagine the world without the Internet?  
In 2009, President Obama asked the Department of Homeland Security to create the Stop..Think..Connect. A Campaign to help Americans understand the dangers that come with being online and the things we can all do to make sure we are more protected from cyber threats.

 Stop.Think.Connect. reminds Americans that cybersecurity is a shared responsibility – at home, at school, and in our communities.
What can you do to be cyber safe?
Follow the same rules online as you do in real life.
Don’t talk to strangers: Don't communicate with strangers online and never agree to meet in person. Tell a parent or another adult if a stranger contacts you in a chat room or through email or text message.
Look both ways before crossing the street: Don't enter contests, join clubs, or share your personal information online for any reason, unless your parents say it's OK. Personal information includes your name, address, age, phone number, birthday, email address, where you go to school, and other facts about you.
Remember all that glitters is not gold: Have you ever received an email offering something free, like a cell phone or concert tickets? These are tricks designed to get you to give up personal information.

 The Department cannot protect the Internet alone.
We need help from all Americans - including you - to make smart and safe online decisions. Once we understand the dangers online, we need to tell other people who might not be as cyber smart and savvy. Setting a good example of your online behavior is something you can do right now to make a difference.
If we all become more aware of who we talk to, what we say, and what we share – we can all make a big difference.
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Think Before You Connect. Before you connect to any public Wi-Fi hotspot–like on an airplane or in an airport, hotel, train/bus station or café-be sure to confirm the name of the network and exact login procedures with appropriate staff to ensure that the network is legitimate.
Using your mobile network connection is generally more secure than using a public Wi-Fi network.
• Guard Your Mobile Device. In order to prevent theft, unauthorized access and loss of sensitive information, never leave your mobile devices–including any USB or external storage devices–unattended in a public place. While on travel, if you plan on leaving any devices in your hotel room, be sure those items are appropriately secured.
 • Keep It Locked. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT)recommends locking your device when you are not using it. Even if you only step away for a few minutes, that is enough time for someone to steal or destroy your information.
Use strong PINs and passwords to prevent others from accessing your device.
• Update Your Mobile Software. Treat your mobile devices like your home or work computer. Keep your operating system software and apps updated, which will improve your device’s ability to defend against malware.
• Only Connect to the Internet if Needed. Disconnect your device from the Internet when you aren’t using it and make sure your device isn’t programmed to automatically connect to Wi-Fi. The likelihood that attackers will target you becomes much higher if your device is always connected.
• Know Your Apps. Be sure to thoroughly review the details and specifications of an application before you download it. Be aware that the app may request that you share your personal information and permissions. Delete any apps that you are not using to increase your security. 

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