Student Clubs

Bailey is home to many student clubs.
Listed below are the active clubs for the 2021-22 school year.

National Junior Honor Society: 

Mrs. Sibley  

Mrs. Anastasio

Mrs. Sousa

Student Council:

Ms. Torgerson

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. D'Amato 

Drama Club:

Mrs. Kalafut


Ms. Torgerson

Exercise B&B:

Mrs. Ferraro

Art Club:

Mrs. Shea

Newspaper Club:

Mrs. Miconi


Mrs. Mekeel

Mr. Humerick

Jazz Band:

Mrs. Mekeel

Mr. Humerick

Percussion Ensembles Buckets:

Mrs. Mekeel

Mr. Humerick

Percussion Ensembles Mallets:

Mrs. Mekeel

Mr. Humerick

Anime Club:

Ms. Khan

Chess Club:

Mr. Teraila

GSA Club:

Stacy Torgerson

Cursive Club:

Mrs. Roper

Game Time Club:

Mrs. Pucillo

Mr. Ladutko

Woodworking Club:

Dan Shine (Jan – March)

Bailey Nail Salon:

Mrs. Krajcir


Mrs. Krajcir

Announcements are made during our homeroom, advising students of when and where the club meets. Students should also look around the building for signs as well. We hope your child will get involved. 
If a student has an idea for a club, they should bring that idea to Mr. Bohan for approval and then ask a teacher to be the club adviser.  Any and all new club ideas are encouraged.