Bailey School Counseling Department

7th Grade School Counselor 
Mr. Lenny Adams
Extension 2203

8th Grade School Counselor
Ms. Elizabeth Dorsi 
Extension 8041 

H.M. Bailey Middle School Grading Guidelines and Promotion Requirements

  • Students must pass all 5 academic core courses (English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math) with a minimum D yearly average.
  • Passing grade for all courses (academic core and electives) is a D yearly average.
  • Students must pass at least two of the four marking periods and cannot fail the last marking period.
  • Students are allowed the opportunity to take one retake on all in class quizzes, tests, and performance/formative assessments. This opportunity must be within the time frame of the unit of study with a cap of B (85%).
  • Students who fail the fourth marking period and did not fail any other marking periods will be allowed an opportunity to take an alternative assessment that will include the objectives of the fourth marking period. If the student does not pass the alternative assessment, they will fail the course for the year.
  • Students who fail a maximum of two academic core courses (English, Reading, Social Studies, Science, and Math) will be given the opportunity to attend summer school at their expense.
  • Students attending summer school must successfully pass the course(s) with a passing grade (minimum D) or they will be retained.
  • Students failing three or more academic core courses do not have the option to attend summer school and will be retained.